• Friday

    June 28, 2019

    Reception @ 6:30 | SEATING @ 7:00pm

    University Settlement

    Speyer Hall, 2nd FL

    184 Eldridge Street, New York City


    June 29, 2019

    Reception @ 1:30

    SEATING at 2:00pm

    University Settlement

    Speyer Hall, 2nd FL

    184 Eldridge Street,

    New York City


    June 29, 2019

    Reception @ 6:30

    SEATING @ 7:00pm

    University Settlement

    Speyer Hall, 2nd FL

    184 Eldridge Street,

    New York City

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    Enjoy responsibly at the receptions!

    The official drink Sponsor of Raised Pinay! San Miguel Brewery Inc., was established in 1890 is the Philippines. It is also the largest producer of beer in the Philippines that is inspired by love of country and anchored on Malasakit. They are grounded in the values of social responsibility, people orientation, integrity, and customer delight and excellence. As this dynamic company says, "Up the Vibe! Drink to Life!"

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    Official home of Raised Pinay rehearsals! The DEN is a PoC-only space that highlights queer trans/gender non conforming creatives of color. We vend products from local artisans, feature visual artists monthly, host events /rituals, offer private sessions from local practitioners, and provide coworking space. We are a gathering place centered on the healing, joy, and growth of our qtpoc community. Founded by Joss (they / them) and McKenzie (she / her) Martinez.

    Official Raised Pinay Show Venue

    Established in 1886 as a response to the influx of new immigrants in the Lower Eastside that were living in poverty and is the original settlement house in the U.S. University Settlement was a physical, psychological and spiritual haven where people of all ages, from all countries and every walk of life could seek advice, assistance, education or a simple respite from the harsh realities of everyday life. Staying true to their mission- to meet the ever-changing needs of our community- University Settlement continues to be a pillar and pioneer in the field of social services.

    Enjoy their desserts at the receptions!

    Full-service espresso bar offering a wide selection of teas as well as Filipino baked treats guaranteed to tickle your palates. Our pride is deeply rooted in the fair trade, single-origin organic coffee we've carefully sourced. Our beans are grown by farmers up in the Cordilleras of the Mountain Provinces in the Philippines.

    Enjoy fare and refreshments from Vynz at the reception


    In a short span of time, VYNZ-NY Entertainment, LLC has justifiably proven its considerable worth in mounting more than fifty memorable live concert productions in the tri-state area, Ohio, and Chicago. Its indefatigable COO Vince G. Gesmundo's innate fascination with paramount passion to invade and penetrate the core of the entertainment arena easily paid off. His quintessential effort to bring to the fore nothing but only the best talent and the ultimate in production package proved effectually successful although it could be tough to break into the realm of the business. VYNZ-NY Entertainment, LLC always takes into consideration the preference of the concert-going public...and how to take them beyond what they envisioned. The production's success could easily be attributed to having a staff with the right organizational skills, broad promotional capability, charismatic approach, and amiable public relations.

    All VIP ticket holders will receive a Passion Planner

    An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook. Designed by Pilipinx Founder and Entrepreneur Angelia Trinidad.The Passion Planner encourages you to reflect on your past, plan for the future, and act on the present! With a VIP Ticket you will receive goodie bag along with 5 raffle tickets, reserved seating, and Early Entry Reception where you can indulge in catered food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

    VIP ticket holders will receive a Flip Eats hot sauce bottle

    Brooklyn-based business created by husband and wife team, Chef Joel and Rachel Javier. What started in 2015 as a singular pop-up bar event, has now grown into a full-service venture.Flip Eats creates exclusively unique dining experiences for its guests with its seasonally driven and global flavors, while paying homage to treasured Filipino fares. Everyone who purchases raffle tickets at our shows will have the chance to win giftcards and dinner tickets.

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    Owned by pinay chef Leah Cohen in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. The intimate restaurant pays homage to the culture and sights of Southeast Asia and mixes in the vibrance of New York's Lower East Side.

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    Augelyn (Augee) Franciso is a Filipina of extraordinary talents and the Founder of Kabisera - a neighborhood darling of the Lower East Side cafe scene. Born in the mountain region of Northern Philippines, Augee, seemed destined for a coffee future. Just as rice in the Philippines comes in multiple varieties, so did coffee beans in Augee’s mountainous surroundings.Inspired by her authentic love, and encouraged by her older sister who is a coffee entrepreneur in the Canary Islands, Augee launched her coffee dreams in New York City.

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    Maharlika started out with a big dream and bigger heart: introduce Filipino food and bold flavors to a wider audience beyond the coveted Filipino kitchens of our lolas (grandmothers) and yayas (caretakers). And just like our immigrant parents taught us: we can do anything with hard work, perserverance and determination. The vision is Nicole Ponseca and the food is Miguel Trinidad, and since 2011, our whole team has shared their love of Filipino food and spirit to anyone who cared. Guests have become friends, friends have become family. We have seen kids grow up, people graduate, engagements and weddings. It truly has become our family. Catering, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner menus focus on classic and treasured flavors and can run from the very authentic to the inspired. The service is family-like without pretense, just like eating in someone’s home.

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    Nicole Ponseca’s and Miguel Trinidad's second restaurant and brother to Maharlika Filipino Moderno. It’s named after the "Jeepney", the WWII jeeps left behind by US occupation. Filipinos took the left-over jeeps chopped them up and tricked them out, creating a vibe, a mode of transport and a symbol that is uniquely Filipino. That is the essence of being of Jeepney and being Filipino - its a vibe, a mode, and a symbol of uniqueness. Jeepney was on the fore-front of popularizing Filipino Food and its first-mover status, awards, and press cemented its cred as pioneers and has inspired chefs and restaurants around the world with it's take on Filipino Food, the Original Kamayan Night, the award-winning burger and Tiki cocktails.

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    The original Filipino Taqueria in Manhattan. They are a modern take on Filipino cuisine. They specialize in unique tacos, burritos, rice bowls, burgers and bao buns. The number one best seller is the PLAN B RITO...It’s sure to cure whatever happened last nite!

    Win a bag of Philippine Coffee Beans in the raffle!

    The Black 6 Coffee Trading Co. is a veteran-owned company created to fund the non-profit organization we run, the Black 6 Project. Created in 2017, The Black 6 Project is an organization that pools its resources of motivated individuals to bring care to those in need anywhere in the world. Using our network of veterans, first responders, and medical professionals, we sent medical teams to Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, to provide humanitarian aid to places FEMA was unable to reach. More recently, we have deployed to remote areas in Mindoro, Philippines, performing medical assessments of several tribal communities.

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    Located in the heart of New York's Lower East Side, Kuma Inn is a cozy restaurant tucked away on the second floor, serving Filipino, Thai, and Southeast Asian cuisine. Owned and operated by Chef King Phojanakong, Kuma Inn strives to serve tasty small plates at a reasonable price. Kuma Inn offers an original menu consisting of a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables.

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    Karenderya is a Filipino-inspired restaurant, based loosely on the affordable, roadside eateries, carinderias, of the Philippines. Our menu includes both traditional and modern Filipino dishes, as well as referencing other South East Asian flavors. Many of the dishes will be available in either rice bowls or as sandwiches, allowing for the experience of a new type of cuisine. Our mission is to provide a unique culinary experience in Nyack, New York. inspired by Filipino flavors, in a casual, community-centered environment.

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    Dame products is a women founded company developing well engineered vibrators for pleasure since 2014. Their mission is simple: to close the pleasure gap with phenomenal sex toys!



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    Sex toys for a passionate world. The first Babeland store was opened in 1993 in response to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle. The store offers top quality products, a pleasant place to shop, and most of all information and encouragement to people who want to explore their sexuality. The store's popularity led to three more stores in New York, plus a thriving and educational website. 

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    Kristian Kabuay's art explores pre- to post- Filipino culture in the diaspora. Using Baybayin, the nearly extinct indigenous Filipino writing system as a foundation. Didactic in nature, the works both entertain and instruct while exploring themes of identity, poverty, death, love, and duality. His work bridges time and space, as well as challenges the necessity of economic value to prove our cultural heritage worthy of preserving.

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    Conscious Aspiring Street Wear Brand. Established in 2009 in Toronto, Canada by the 4 founding brothers - Los Hermanos Agra. Having migrated to Canada from the Philippines, the hermanos wanted to inspire the Filipino youth in the city and bring them closer to our roots. Our mission is to promote nationalism, peace, and unity among the Filipino people by having them express themselves positively through street wear fashion.

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    By highlighting the positive in the Filipino people, culture and heritage, Pinoy Rising Apparel aims to Uplift, Elevate and Inspire.

    Visit their table at the reception!

    Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that envisions a unified and engaged Pilipino America. Founded in 2009, UniPro’s mission is to engage Pilipino Americans through collaboration, advocacy and education. It seeks to transform Pilipino students & young professionals into community leaders through its various programs, which incorporate professional development, history, and policy through the lens of the Pilipino experience. The organization allows Pilipino Americans the opportunity to explore their place in the community in the hope of owning their niche. Ultimately, UniPro asks Pilipino Americans to critically answer, “How do you define Progress?”


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    Cynthia Victoria, Helen Almanzor, Melanie Suzara, Cristina Salita, and Estela Cabunag have been friends for about 40 years who were career women and are now all retired. But years back, they owned an operated a ballroom dance club in Hackensack, NJ, to feed their common interest in dancing and having fun. The Calabash was the first dance place in the tri-state area to introduce ballroom dancing with Ballroom Experts. It provided a venue for the many that aimed to stay fit the elegant way. Presently, the Calabash Ladies continue to get involved in social, civic and charitable activities, specifically raising funds and extending help to the needy in the Philippines.

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    Here in the U.S. and based in the belly of the beast, our chapter connects youth and student issues of our communities in New York City to the struggles of the people in the Philippines.

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    The Malaya Movement is a US Movement Against Killings and Dictatorship and for Democracy in the Philippines. MALAYA (Filipino for “free”) seeks not only to broaden our opposition from the U.S. to fascism, but also to broaden U.S.-based support for the cause of freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

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    A collective and platform for the voices of Latinas and women of color based in Queens, NY. We produce zines to showcase contemporary art and writings that construct our own experiences and identities within the framework of mujerismo, Latin American feminism inspired by womanism. Drawing on one of its core tenets of solidarity, we cater to all women of color as well as Latinas. Using zines and community events as our medium, our goal is to document, educate, and present a diverse collection of work by women of color from a global perspective.

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    The Radical Imagination Pilipinx Reader is a collection of a multiplicity of beautiful voices from the Philippine diaspora exploring visions we carry for our dynamic, intersectional communities in this historical moment. The blessings for our communities are expressed through essay, poetry, short story, living theory, photography, and illustration around themes of diaspora and memory, health and well being; intersectionality; coalitional consciousness; family and radical parenting. May this spiritual offering be received as a living time capsule for Pilipinx and beloved ones in our process of becoming.

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    A mass-based women’s organization serving New York City and its surrounding areas. We connect the Filipino diaspora to the women’s struggle in the Philippines. We are women of Philippine descent, including those who are migrants, immigrants and US-born. We recognize Filipino women of mixed heritage and adoptees. GABRIELA New York is a LGBTQIGNC-(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex and Gender Non-Comforming) friendly organization that is inclusive of transgender people of Philippine descent.

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    Monsoon Mansion-- written by Cinelle Barnes a memoirist, essayist, and educator from Manila, Philippines--told with a lyrical, almost-dreamlike voice as intoxicating as the moonflowers and orchids that inhabit this world, Monsoon Mansion is a harrowing yet triumphant coming-of-age memoir exploring the dark, troubled waters of a family’s rise and fall from grace in the Philippines. It would take a young warrior to survive it.

    Elaine Castillo

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    America Is Not the Heart "illuminates the violent political history of the Philippines in the 1980s and 1990s and the insular immigrant communities that spring up in the suburban United States with an uncanny ear for the unspoken intimacies and pain that get buried by the duties of everyday life and family ritual. Castillo delivers a powerful, increasingly relevant novel about the promise of the American dream and the unshakable power of the past.. With exuberance, muscularity, and tenderness, here is a family saga; an origin story; a romance; a narrative of two nations and the people who leave home to grasp at another, sometimes turning back."

    Win tickets in the raffle to their next show THE WRONG MAN which is a new musical by multiplatinum songwriter Ross Golan, and has the creative team behind HAMILTON - Thomas Kail and Alex Lacamoire.

    Founded in 1986 as MANHATTAN CLASS COMPANY, MCC began as a collective of young actors, writers, and directors determined to steer their own artistic development and redefine the NYC theater scene with the kind of stories they wanted to see on the stage. That work continues today in Hell’s Kitchen at THE ROBERT W. WILSON MCC THEATER SPACE, a creative hotbed where our ARTISTS, STAFF, and STUDENTS have the freedom to stir things up, all under one roof

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    A made-to-measure and custom Barong Tagalog brand for all people, regardless of gender, gender identification and gender expression, established in 2017. All barongs offered are made by hand in the Philippines by the best barong makers in the world. Our mission is to make this garment more accessible to more people and to foster a wider and deeper appreciation for what may be the most underappreciated part of Filipino culture: the barong.

    Visit their table in the reception!

    NAPAWF*NYC builds power with members to advance human rights for AANHPI self-identified women. We’re working towards a world where AANHPI women, girls, and people have the political, economic, and social power and resources to live and thrive with dignity and respect. Please visit https://www.napawfnyc.org/ to learn more.

    Official host of the Raised Pinay Happy Hour!

    New York's finest Filipino-American Bar restaurant!

    Visit their table in the reception!

    The New York chapter of AF3IRM, a US-based organization of transnational/intersectional feminists developing theory and practice. AF3IRM is a national organization of women engaged in transnational feminist, anti-imperialist activism and dedicated to the fight against oppression in all its forms. AF3IRM’s diverse, multi-ethnic membership is committed to militant movement-building from the United States and effects change through grassroots organizing, trans-ethnic alliance building, education, advocacy and direct action. With the slogan “a woman’s place is at the head of the struggle,” AF3IRM is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization whose members recognize the intersectionality of their struggles and the absolute necessity of women’s revolutionary resistance.

    Luis Francia

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    Luis H. Francia is a poet, journalist, and nonfiction writer. His poetry books include The Arctic Archipelago and Museum of Absences. He is included in numerous anthologies, the latest being the forthcoming Library of America’s Four Centuries of Immigrant Writing. He completed a brief history of the Philippines in 2010. He has written for a number of publications, including the Village Voice, the Nation, and the Far Eastern Economic Review. On the board of trustees of the Asian American Writers Workshop and Kundiman Arts, he also teaches at New York University and lives in Queens.

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    Dr. Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal is a Professor of Psychology at both John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Graduate Center at the City University of New York. He received his doctorate in counseling psychology from Columbia University in New York City and is one of the leading researchers in understanding the impacts of microaggressions , or subtle forms of discrimination, on the mental and physical health of people of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people; and other marginalized groups. He was the first openly gay President of the Asian American Psychological Association and the first person of color to serve as the Executive Director of the Center for LGBTQ Studies. He is a National Trustee of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) and a co-founder of the LGBTQ Scholars of Color National Network. He has delivered hundreds of lectures across the United States, including the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

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    I am inspired by the life rhythms & constant flow of everything around me. Everyday I am surrounded by mass cultures, bustling streets, speeding traffic, old buildings being torn down & transformed into modern skyscrapers all juxtaposed in an energetic wave of souls. I observe subtle moments of beauty in transition, building layers of a fragmented reality evolving over time. My view of the world is a product of the past colliding with the present, a fractured moment in time breaking into the now. In search of balance between madness & calmness, I evolve harsh city streets & sharp edge buildings into industrial grace. I aim to expose the emotional side of human beings in the city streets, pushing the final image into abstraction & reconstructing a new utopia. My artwork is greatly inspired by the world, but hidden between the layers is a narrative of dynamic life.

    Gloria Cacho Orden

    Win an art print in the raffle!

    Win an art print in the raffle!

    Camille Hoffman's current work is a mixed-media meditation on Manifest Destiny and its representation in the romantic American landscape. Reflecting on the embedded and latent meanings around light, nature, the frontier, borders, race, gender and power in influential American landscape paintings of the 19th century, she uses materials collected from her everyday life, including holiday-themed tablecloths, discarded medical records, nature calendars, plastic bags and paint, to craft imaginary landscapes that are grounded in accumulation, personal narrative and historical critique. Her paintings and installations are layered geographies, in which these fragments of cultural objects are chromatically twisted and blended into complex wholes. Taking inspiration from the Philippine weaving and the Jewish folk traditions of her ancestors, along with traditional landscape painting techniques from her academic training, she interweaves image with refuse in order to reveal seamless yet textured transcultural contradictions. Disrupting visual perception, her scraps of materials take on new life, becoming a vehicle of territorial reclamation and spiritual agency for the artist amid the pressures of economic and political globalization in the anthropocene.

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    Ivie Joy started her floral career as an Assistant Designer at Charles Florals, where she managed the production and staging of floral needs for Kaufman Studios. She was quickly recruited as the General Manager for Flowers On First, at the time the #1 ranked New York retail florist on Google. Prior to starting Ivie Joy Flowers + Events in 2012, Ivie spent the previous two years helping launch a floral design startup. Upon its inception in 2012, Ivie Joy Floral Arts + Events has accumulated numerous awards and accolades, including the Bride's Choice Award from WeddingWire in 2013 and 2014, and was published in an issue of The Knot.

    Win an art print in the raffle!

    Cecilia Lim is a first generation US-born Pinay and Chinese community artist. She leads interactive public art projects that raise awareness of social issues, illuminate the work everyday individuals are doing to create a just world, and show how to get involved in this work. Photos, film stills, and interviewee quotes from one of her current projects, TANDAAN ANG ATING UGNAYAN/Remember Y(our) Connection are on display at the Queens Public Library in Woodside through August 30, 2019. Cecilia lives and works out of her home in Jackson Heights.

    Barbecue on a Stick

    All attendees receive a discount coupon

    Decks sold at the reception with 1/3 of the proceeds going to Roots of Health

    The Kapwa Tarot Deck include 78 originally illustrated images by Artist and Cultural bearer, Jana Lynne "JL"Umipig. The Kapwa Tarot Deck designs are filled with Pilipinx Symbology and Ancestral Teachings that were channeled through the prayer and visioning of JL. The cards come in a Two Part box with an e-booklet interpreting the imagery and bringing forth lessons written by JL with inspiration from her Ancestral Heritage rooted in the Philippines.

    Win a shirt and 2 training sessions in the raffle!

    These events were envisioned by Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig and Jamie Yancovitz with the intention to create a Sacred Space of gathering for Womxn of Color/ Queer&Trans&Cis Identifying Womxn/ Indigenous and Diasporic Womxn of Color to create community in the learnings for Survival connected to Ancestral and Indigenous based teachings. We seek to gather QTPOC Diasporic and Indigenous Womxn to be attuned and exchange in survival arts knowledge of the body, mind and spirit in connection to a coming revolution that echoes the revolutions fought by our ancestors for our continued existence. We will be looking at the context of resistance and survival that is in the spirit of all Womxn and what it means to protect the family/tribe, home and land as a part of our instinctual nature. We seek to connect to the Roots of Resistance and Survival in our lineages and how we can gather knowledge of survival body, mind and spirit for practice and way of life. Sign up HERE!

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    Where apparel-ing meets purpose!

    Enjoy their drinks at the reception!

    Brooklyn Crafted is an artisanal beverage company making globally-inspired beverages in Bushwick, NY. Our newest Calamansi-ades are a tropical twist on traditional lemonade! Made small-batch in Brooklyn, NY, this line uses all-natural ingredients to celebrate Southeast Asian flavors. Cheers!