Rooted in the Philippines. Rising towards Decolonization. 4 Generations Strong.

    Created in New York City by Jana Lynne Umipig, Justine Ang Fonte, & Rachelle Peraz Ocampo

    A healing space for Pinays, a ceremony for our community, and a benefit for Roots of Health.

  • The Production

    Through honest and true self-written submissions, an all-Pinay cast will perform stories of Pinayhood that have formed their identity. The process brings together a group of intergenerational Pinays who will share their unique and powerful stories with the NYC community.


    Proceeds for this event will benefit

    Roots of Health, a 501c3 non-profit organization providing free reproductive clinical and educational services to wom*n and girls in the Philippines.


    We will explore the ways in which our parents, sexuality, relationships, and religion influenced our Pilipina identities as American, immigrant, mixed heritage, LGBTQI, mothers, or daughters.


    Pinay stories will be showcased through monologues, dialogues, poetry, visual art, song, and movement which embrace the cultural nuances of our authentic experiences.

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